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American Film Market Feature

American Film Market's "Rising Female Directors to Discover in 2023"

"...Lisa Datz is a dynamic force in the entertainment industry, seamlessly transitions between

roles as a critically acclaimed actor, director, writer, producer, and voice-over artist..."

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FBI Press & More


‘FBI: Most Wanted’: Dylan McDermott On Season 3 Finale; Remy Scott’s Love Life

By Rosy Cordero

"[In that same episode, viewers also met Remy’s ex-wife Detective Carmen Schmidt (Lisa Datz) who has already moved on with a guy Remy is fond of—and she hopes he finds someone new, too.]" [...]

Vocal Media Interview

Talking With: Actress Lisa Datz about CBS Drama ‘FBI: MOST WANTED’



"As an actor, what helped you the most in bringing Detective Carmen Schmidt to life?


LD: What I really like and appreciate about this character is - she goes from being a total boss, no nonsense, and playful banter with Dylan McDermott’s character “Remy” in one scene - to kind, compassionate and intimate in another scene, all within the same episode. It’s rare that a character comes right out of the gate with those many facets and layers."

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